Terms & Conditions

1. Services

  • a.a. Once the client deposits the required initial investment amount agreed by the client and the company, client “Account” will be funded and enabled for investment activities in order to obtain a high return on the capital invested.
  • b.Client retains Manager to render investment management services and to manage Client's Trading positions investment account (the "Account"). Client grants to Manager full discretion as to all investment decisions regarding the Account, including, but not limited to, authority to buy, invest in, hold for investment, own, assign, transfer, sell (long or short), exchange, trade in, lend, pledge, deliver and otherwise deal in (on margin or otherwise) stocks, bonds, options, shares of investment companies (registered or unregistered), repurchase agreements and all other Trading positions and intangible investment instruments and vehicles of every kind and nature (collectively, "Trading positions") for the Account, and to exercise in Manager's discretion all rights, powers, privileges and other incidents of ownership with respect to Trading positions in the Account. In connection therewith, Manager is authorized to select for the Account one or more banks, trust companies and brokerage firms as custodians or brokers for Trading positions held in the Account and to instruct such custodians and brokers with respect to the purchase, sale, exchange, delivery or other disposition of such Trading positions.

2. Investment Structure

  • a. Initial Investment should be a minimum of INR 50000/- unless specified otherwise by the Company at the time of client account creation.
  • b. Initial investment enables the client account for trading activities for the period of 40 weeks. This agreement will be effective for the duration of the 40 weeks trading period by default and subject to renewal.

3. Profit & Withdrawal policy

  • a. By default, client Account will be credited weekly with accumulated profits not exceeding more than 1.5% of the initial investment, and will be available for withdrawal. (A weekly return of 1.5% would yield 60 percent return on investment during the period of 40 weeks).
  • b. Withdrawal of the initial investment will only be allowed upon the completion of the contract period of 40 weeks.
  • c. Premature withdrawal requests of either part or full amounts of initial investment will only be allowed after 20 weeks of each tenure and will result in early termination of contract. Premature withdrawals will be subject to a penalty up to 75% of the investment. Company will not be liable for any loss the Customer may incur which arise in relation to early withdrawals.
  • d. All accumulated profit and other withdrawals will only be processed during banking days. Withdrawal requests submitted during weekends, non-banking holidays will be processed during the withdrawal cycle on following week.

4. Referral policy

  • a. ATFXTRADE referral program allows Clients to earn an additional profit ratio to the weekly accumulation of profits. Every 2 referrals will grant an additional 0.4% on top of the default profit ratio, up to an additional 4% on the investment.
  • b. Additional profit ratios will be calculated on the following week after completing the required number of referrals for each slab.

5. Client Information

  • a.Client will promptly advise Manager of: (a) the investment objectives of the Account; (b) any changes or modifications to those objectives; and (c) any specific investment restrictions relating to the Account. Client will promptly notify Manager in writing if Client considers any investments recommended or made for the Account to violate such objectives or restrictions. Client and Manager will consult on a periodic basis regarding Client's investment objectives. Client may at any time direct Manager to sell such Trading positions or take such other lawful actions as Client may specify to effect compliance of the Account with Client's investment objectives. Client will be solely responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the data and information furnished to Manager hereunder.

6. Confidentiality; Privacy Policy

  • a. Except as required by law or regulatory agency or as permitted by Manager's Privacy Policy: (a) Manager agrees to maintain in strict confidence all personal and financial information regarding Client that is furnished to Manager by Client (except that Client consents to disclosure of Client's identity as a client of Manager); and (b) Client agrees to maintaining strict confidence all investment advice and information furnished to Client by Manager. All personal Client information is governed by Manager's Privacy Policy. As specified in the Privacy Policy, Manager may disclose Client information to third parties who assist Manager in providing services to Client under this Agreement and who have agreed to keep the Client information confidential.

7. Custody of Assets & Third-party transactions

  • a. Physical custody of the assets, including cash and its equivalents, will be maintained by an independent local representative. The representative will be solely responsible for settlement of all transactions, receipt and disbursement of funds and other acts necessary for the proper custody of Client's assets. Company may rely upon reports from the custodian as to such matters as, but not limited to, settlement of transactions, and locations, descriptions and amounts of properties constituting Client's assets. ATFXTRADE will not be liable to Client for any act or breach of duty by the representative.

8. Agreement termination and renewal

  • a. This Agreement shall be renewed automatically on the following week upon the completion of the 40-week agreement term, unless the investor gives notice 30 days prior to the completion of the term and advise the Company to not to renew the contract term.
  • b. Upon receiving the cancellation notice from client, Company will list the client account for cancellation and all funds on the account including the initial investment and accumulated profits will be available for withdrawal at the end of the current term.

9. Assignment

  • a. Client Account Manager may not assign this Agreement without the consent of Client. Subject to the foregoing, this Agreement will inure to the benefit of Manager and its successors, irrespective of any change in the personnel thereof, and will bind Client, Client's estate and any heirs, beneficiaries or successors in interest.

10. Effective Date of Agreement

  • a. Notwithstanding the date this Agreement is signed or delivered by either party, the "Effective Date" will be deemed.

11. Miscellaneous

  • a. To the extent federal law does not apply to this Agreement, it will be construed in accordance with the laws.
  • a. ATFXTRADE limited reserves the right to amend or alter the Service and investment structure at their discretion.