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When you sign up for an investment plan with ATFXTRADE, you provide our account managers with authorization to trade with your investment, on your behalf. You retain full ownership of the account and are the only person who can access and withdraw funds. ATFXTRADE will keep making profits for you during the full investment term.
We do not have extra or hidden charges or even performance fees attached. We prioritize your profits on each week and provide you with the agreed profits every week, guaranteed.
Starting from our minimum possible returns, you can get 60% ROI (return on investment) with possibilities of getting up to 300% ROI on your investment during the investment term.
The profit calculations are done on a weekly basis and distributed among client accounts each week.
As the named account holder, you alone can withdraw funds. Withdrawal limit is 1 withdrawal per month. There is no limit on the amount you can withdraw.
ATFXTRADE will increase your weekly profit margin for each person you refer to us. You can even get upto 3 times your default profit ratio for the whole investment period.
The minimum trading term is 40 weeks, and you are free to make full withdrawal any time after that. If you do not wish to make withdrawal upon the completion of 40 weeks, you shall leave your funds to continue growing for another term.
It will only take minutes. As soon as we receive your funds, your account will get activated and you will start making money.
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