Success is Best when Shared

Our affiliates introduce ATFXTRADE to their social circles and get paid for doing so. Once you have already invested with us, you are ready to bring in referrals under your portfolio. Your main goal is to attract new clients using our innovative investment programs and we will make sure you are handsomely rewarded for your patronage.

  • Register with our investment programs and qualify as an affiliate.
  • Promote our investment plans to potential clients, and get them to invest with us
  • Receive added profit ratio on top of your weekly profits for each client you refer.
  • Receive extra profits as long as your referrals are with us.
Grow with a reliable Investment Partner!

What do we offer to our Affiliates

Being an affiliate doesn’t impose any specific framework on you. Your main goal is to attract new clients. Leave everything else to us and watch your investment double and triple.

Licenced & Regulated

Invest with a trusted Investment firm licensed by Financial Authorities.

Affiliate Tiers

Get rewarded for each referral for the whole term, maximize your returns.

Flexible Payments

Our local network allows us to offer flexible payment methods to investors

Profit Ratio Affiliate Module

Innovative profit ratio module means you get paid more than once for each referral.

Do I have what it takes to become a partner?
  • Active Investment account with ATFXTRADE
  • Email with a list of contacts (no matter how long or short)
  • Contacts in your phonebook to get touch.
  • Friends who are interested in finance and self-development